Teenagers health tips

Teenage is the base of adulthood, and also for the rest of your life. It is therefore important to take good care of your health during teenage as it not only influence your present but also decides your future. Learning to develop healthy lifestyle habits and a positive body image as a teenager are important contributing factors to both teenage and adult health. Teenage health is a result of your lifestyle, your food habits, and eating- sleeping patterns. These key factors not only determine your present body condition, but also decide you future health. Our adulthood- the most productive years of your life can be easy and amazing if you take care of you health and have a proper diet with a good lifestyle. Here are a few tips that you must follow in order to have a healthy, happy and bright future. Have a look and please take them seriously.


1. Being physically active is important

Make your body run, walk and play. Whatever you feel like doing just do it but make sure you go out and play. Play is essential to development because it contributes to the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being of children and youth. This will help you in improving their concentration, digest the food fast and will definitely make you happier and healthier being. Being physically active may help you to get rid of obesity. According to an estimate 180 adolescents die every day as a result of interpersonal violence. If you stay healthy, in both physical and mental aspects, it is less likely that you will be involved in such activities.


2. Mental health is the biggest complication in among teenagers today

mental-healthDepression is the top cause of illness and disability among adolescents. Teen smokers are more likely to have panic attacks, anxiety disorders and depression. On third position comes suicide, which also in most of the cases is a result of mental illness. As it already discussed that teenage is a tender age which is full of emotional, mental, and hormonal changes. Due to these it becomes difficult to keep your mind stable and healthy. Mental health comes before physical because mental health ahs the ability to destroy both mind and body. Violence, poverty, humiliation and feeling devalued can increase the risk of developing mental health problems. Turmeric is not only great from preventing us from infections; it is also all your brain needs. All of us are very well aware of all the heath benefits of turmeric but this one is rarely known. By taking turmeric, you can improve the oxygen intake of the brain, which helps in all of the brain’s functions and processes. Turmeric is extremely healing for the brain and for increasing memory function.


3. Have a healthy diet, trust me you need it

It’s important that you eat a healthy diet so that you can give your body all of the calories it needs to get you through your day. Skipping meals can make it difficult to stay awake in class or perform well during practice for a sport. Adequate sleep is an important component of an overall health. Sleep has direct impact on immediate and future physical, social, emotional and mental health. A teenager should have ample of sleep without fail so that he/ she can perform well in all her big and small activities. A young brain needs about eight hours of sleep a night. Set a regular bedtime for yourself and stick to it. If due to any reason you are suffering from sleeplessness, find out the reason and work on it, otherwise it will start affecting your health soon. Your body gets energy from the foods you eat. When you skip a meal or make unhealthy food choices, your body will not have the energy it needs.

4. Understand what HIV is and try to prevent this infection

hsvMore than 2 million teenagers are living with HIV today. Not only is this, the deaths caused by HIV in teenagers still on rise. Reason being absence of the care and support they need to remain in good health and prevent transmission of the deadly virus to their partners. This is one of the most important reasons behind teenagers taking good care of their health, it is this time when they can easily catch the virus due to childish behavior and also pass it on to others without even realizing what they are doing. In order to make the world HIV free, teenagers will need to be central to control efforts. They need special attention if we want them to move safely into their adulthood. Better access to HIV testing and counseling, and stronger subsequent links to HIV treatment services for those who test HIV positive, are needed direly for teenagers.


5. How to avoid other common infections?

Only due to increase in childhood vaccination, teenager deaths and disability from measles have fallen markedly, but diarrhea, lower respiratory tract infections and meningitis are among the top 10 causes of death for 10 to 19 year olds. This tender age brings with it the terror of these severe infections, and if the teenagers fails to take good care of their health, the infection may prove to be life threatening. Whether it is the environment they live in, or there cloths and hands keep everything safe enough. Maintain cleanliness inside your house, in your room and toys. Make it a regular practice to wash hands before you eat anything. This will reduce the chances of you being infected.

6. Alcohol and drugs

According to recent surveys, around 40 per cent of young people aged 12-17 have had a full serve of alcohol and around 60 per cent of year 10-12 students have drunk alcohol at least once. Harmful drinking among adolescents is a major concern in many countries. It reduces self-control and increases risky behaviors, such as unsafe sex or risky driving. It is a primary cause of injuries (including those due to road traffic accidents), violence (especially by a partner) and premature deaths. Not only these accidental problems, but alcohol at this age also has a direct impact on one’s life expectancy. If you are addicted to alcohol then you can treat yourself by using natural remedies of alcohol.

7. Avoid malnutrition and obesity

avoid-malnutrition-and-obesityFood habits developed during your teenage years also play a key role in adult health and help prevent diseases such as diabetes and osteoporosis, or weakening of the bones. The same study also suggests that healthy lifestyle choices such as daily physical activity during your teenage years indicated good adult health. Many boys and girls in developing and developed countries enter adolescence undernourished, making them more vulnerable to disease and early death. Over the past 10 years, the number of teenagers who are overweight or undernourished is increasing at a very high rate. This is due to unhealthy lifestyle, bad eating habits, excess of junk food and carbonated beverages. Talking about the lifestyle- available survey data indicate that fewer than 1 in every 4 adolescents meets the recommended guidelines for physical activity – 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity daily. For the school-age child in particular, food means more than just energy. As teenagers mature into adulthood, they may continue some of the eating habits they developed earlier in life. A diet high in sugar and fat can promote weight gain and poor health later in life, particularly once the teenager’s metabolism slows down.

8. Risk of heart diseases

According to a research published in the journal named Preventive Medicine, a higher percentage of body fat during your early teenage years is an important indicator of how high your risk of cardiovascular disease will be as an adult. This means the more fat you accumulate around your skin; the more likely you will suffer from a deadly cardiovascular problem. A diet high in sugar can also increase a teenager’s risk of developing heart disease later in life, the American Heart Association explains, as it can cause teenagers to develop poor cholesterol levels that persist into adulthood. It provides the solid foundation for growth and development.


9. Eat the best and leave the rest

Give yourself a choice of foods but only among healthy foods. Try to prepare most of the meals at home to avoid stale eating. Include fruit, vegetables, wholegrain cereals, lean meats and fish, and low-fat dairy foods. Also healthy eating isn’t only about food choices; it’s also about eating on a regular, predictable basis in a social way. Healthy eating habits, for example, are key to a lifetime of healthy eating and better overall health: learning to like a variety of healthy foods sets the stage for the generous consumption of fruits and vegetables and other low-fat, nutrient dense foods. So try to develop the taste towards healthy foods and do not eat anything anytime. Make a time schedule for your meals and somehow try to follow the same.

10. Smoking and tobacco use

smokingTobacco is the leading cause of preventable diseases in the United States. Teenagers are acknowledged to be at high risk of health-damaging behaviors including smoking, teenage pregnancy, and drug and alcohol use. 90% of smokers began before the age 19. The vast majority of people using tobacco today started using it when they were in their teen age. Not tobacco alone, but drugs are also a part of health destroying activities that teenagers often indulge into. About 30% of teen smokers will continue smoking and die early from a smoking-related disease. If you somehow manage to stay away from this habit in your teen age, you will less likely fall for it during your adulthood. Try to keep the above discussed facts to determine yourself and save your body from this harmful killing menace. It all depends on how much you love yourself and how you want to see yourself in future lighting a cigarette, or working hard to get your health in tune.

It is this age at which we tend to take major decisions about our life and future. We make it bright, healthy and productive or move to the opposite direction, it all depends on our decisions. Not future alone, but your health also is determined at this point only. Whatever you do today will be reflected in your future. This is why we need to take good care of our health and inculcate good habits.